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Government Consulting

While comprehensive plans and policies are crucial for managing any city, town, or region, Gotfryd Group understands that things don’t always go as planned. For this reason, we help government departments and elected officials learn to respond to changes and challenges as they arise in real time, building the resilience of their communities and economies.

We support our government clients to take affordable and tangible steps toward meeting their goals and the needs of their constituents and communities by developing collaborative governance models and proactive approaches to city management, including:

  • Communication platforms to support continuous interaction between constituents and government, maintaining an updated inventory of untapped community assets and unmet community needs, and fully engaging constituents in the decision-making process;
  • Internal information-sharing platforms to improve work flow and efficiency;
  • Establishment of multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental teams to best address underlying systemic issues, maximize resources, consolidate goals, and minimize duplication of effort and associated spending;
  • Processes for equitable budget allocations that prioritize human resources, unforeseen circumstances, and operation costs, crucial to the success of any infrastructure project.


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